Beginning Piano

Beginning piano, you already realize that piano playing is a rewarding talent to develop. If you enjoy jazz, you may have listened to piano music from great artists like Duke Ellington or Count Basie. You might appreciate contemporary jazz pianists the most as several have fans all over the world.

Jim Brickman might be a model for you. He crosses many genres and often plays his own compositions. His music can be heard on the internet or at a variety of radio stations that play jazz, inspirational, pop or new age stations

Maybe you’re a fan of rock piano players. David Sancious, for instance, who played for Springsteen, Santana, and Sting. Then there’s Dennis De Young of Styx, Rick Wakeman of Yes and Tony Banks of Genesis. The most famous of all include Billy Joel, Elton John, Paul McCartney, Carole King and Carly Simon.

Even if you are not a classical music fan, you might begin to enjoy it when you are beginning piano Beginning Pianolessons. There are some lovely melodies and you will undoubtedly enjoy mastering them. Some of the finest compositions are by Mozart, Schubert, Bach, Beethoven, Brahms and Mendelssohn.

Many people who begin to learn an instrument are deeply moved by the music they hear and want to recreate that feeling for themselves. If you move from beginning piano to more advanced levels you may very learn to play before and audience. Some will move beyond family and friends and begin to play in a band or as a solo act. 

Beyond the love of the music there are other benefits to playing the piano. Relaxation is certainly one benefit. When feeling downhearted or distressed, playing the piano can be a very consoling respite. Feeling a lot of anger? Playing the piano can “soothe the savage breast.” If you’re feeling depressed you can start with slow songs and build up to more up-beat, happier melodies. This can often ameliorate a blue funk.

There’s a chance you might begin to play piano professionally. Yes, you are just beginning piano, but don’t rule it out. Some talented piano players can earn tips at a piano bar. Other musicians can earn lots of money if they are talented enough.

Developing discipline is another reason to learn to play piano. By beginning piano lessons you will receive rewards at every level, keeping you motivated to keep at it and develop greater skill. Indeed, if you are someone who has problems staying motivated, you might have better luck learning piano. 

Everything said, the fundamental reason anyone should learn to play the piano is for their personal fulfillment. It is almost a guarantee that you will be more pleased with yourself when you are practicing to reach your full potential. You will feel immense pleasure when you play a piece very well and you will undoubtedly feel more of a complete person for taking the steps for beginning piano lessons.

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