Do You Have What It Takes To Become A Great Pianist?

By: Bryan Smitty

The best pianists become that way because, in addition to their natural talent, they are focused on their goals. Everything else is secondary to reaching the highest level of their abilities. There is little that Great Pianist Franz Lisztcan deter them. Yet they are not lost in a pipe dream. Rather, they know what they want and take theGreat Pianist Franz Liszt necessary steps to attain their aspirations. They continue with their piano practice, overcoming the bad days, even though they might feel like giving up. This is the difference between the good and the excellent pianist – a willingness to continue despite any obstacles.

Great pianists are consistent. Mastering the piano is Great Pianist Vladimir Horowitznot a just a hobby for the most skilled of pianists. They are serious about what they do. They know that the best way to practice piano is to practice every day until a piece is mastered. Giving up is not an option. Diligent piano practice might not make one perfect, but you might be able to get fairly close. Even with a high level of natural ability, piano practice is essential. To attain a high skill level, talent alone will not suffice. To play the piano at the highest levels talent must be cultivated for it to blossom into mastery.

Talented piano players become students of the instrument. For the most talented of pianists, proficiency with piano Great Pianist Vladimir Horowitztechniques is accompanied by an understanding of why a particular technique is employed in a particular phrase or section. That skill takes the pianist beyond just the ability to play delightful music. The great pianist develops the ability to improvise, rearrange and compose enchanting piano pieces. The most talented piano players are those who are willing to stay focused on their practice and have a willingness to take as long as necessary to accomplish their goals.

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