iPad Apps For Piano Players

Samantha Griffiths Of A.S.A. Piano

With the sudden surge in the market place of handheld and mobile devices, all with the ability to connect people 24 hours a day to the internet, it has now opened up a whole new set of possibilities for learning to play piano & keyboard.

It gives piano players the option to learn an instrument wherever you are so even if you are working heavily in the week, and don’t have access to your piano, it’s not a problem with modern technology if you have access to handhelds like the iPhone/iPad and notebooks.

If you are away from home or you are held up commuting, or away with business you won’t be able to physically play the piano, but it won’t stop you from learning because piano and keyboard courses are becoming increasingly popular online.

With the iPad as one of the leading handheld consoles around at the minute, you are able to do numerous things on your gadget, and, for piano players, this includes learning the piano or electronic keyboard.

Here are the top 10 Piano apps according to a recent article in TheAppWhisperer.com:

  1. 50in1 Piano HD
  2. Pianist Pro
  3. SightRead4Piano
  4. Right Note – Ear Trainer
  5. Twelve Tone
  6. ezPiano for iPad: 70+ Songs with Full Accompaniment!
  7. PlayItYourself HD
  8. Electric Piano for iPad HD
  9. Nota for iPad
  10. MusicalTouch 
Here’s a brief video clip showing the various functions of the 50in1 Piano Lessons app: