New York Piano Bars

According to musical theater historian John Kenrick, the piano bar began to become popular in New York City during World War II. Some of the more popular piano bars in contemporary New York include Brandy’s Piano Bar, Don’t Tell Mama and The Townhouse.

Then as now, what generally distinguishes the piano New York Piano Barbar from other night clubs is that a talented pianist performs before a crowd of admiring patrons who often sing along with the music. New York Piano BarsThe sing-along piano crowd usually favors show tunes and popular standards and is entertained by the communal musical experience.

Other variations include open mike invitations to customers who wish to display their musical talents, or the pianist is accompanied by waiters and waitresses who have been hired for their singing abilities. In other instances, usually in expensive restaurants, the pianist is an instrumentalist only, playing semi-classical or easy listening music in a low-key environment.

One of the more popular forms of piano bar entertainment has come to be known as dueling pianos. In the most popular format, two professional pianists play and sing and interact with the customers while playing rock n’ roll or country music that is usually requested by the audience. Interaction with the customers is the predominant feature of dueling piano bars, with humor and sing-alongs playing a major role in the entertainment.

To discover a piano bar that you might enjoy, take a tour of some of New York Piano bars that we have listed below:

  • Incredible friendships begin at Brandy’s.
  • A timeless New York watering hole that has drawn socialites, politicians, movie stars and moguls for more than five decades.
  • A great place for bachelorette partys, birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, and office parties.
  • The elaborate bar and discreet lounge immerse hotel guests and New Yorkers in a classic and convivial ambience.
  • The main attraction of this basement joint is the piano, around which show-tune lovers gather nightly, starting at 5:30pm.
  • New York City’s world famous cabaret and piano bar, is located in the heart of West Greenwich Village.
  • The Townhouse Bar has been a New York institution for over 15 years.

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