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The secret of how to be a songwriter is to discover which method works best for you.
Many digital piano buyers look for an instrument that closely approximates the sound and function of an acoustic piano. This and other factors such as portability, pedal quality, amplifier sound, speaker size and special features all play a part in selecting the best digital piano for you.
When hiring a professional piano tuner, be sure to find one that has a love of pianos and is skillful in the art of piano tuning. An experienced piano tuner can help keep the sound of your piano constant and melodious for years to come.
There are many types of pianos to choose from – concert grands, baby grands, upright pianos, the many variations of a digital or even a second hand piano. All have their pluses and minuses. Above all, evaluate your commitment to the art of playing the piano before making a final choice.
The great rock and roll pianists of the 1950s had only a keyboard and a microphone to share their talent and their original sound has been replaced by the electronic keyboard and synthesizer. Yet, while many no longer remember their names, the musical influence of these Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees still reverberates in the popular music of today.
Some helpful information about websites where you can download piano sheet music as well as music for many other instruments.
Music has charms to soothe the savage breast. A classical piano performance by a piano virtuoso can enliven the human spirit.
The Steinway & Sons piano factory in New York was built during the 1870s and is still in operation today. It produces approximately 1500 Steinway pianos per year – each one built by hand and taking a year to create.
If you live in the Bronx and are interested in taking piano lessons, there are a variety of opportunities to find a good piano teacher and piano lessons that you are comfortable with.
Whether you are a professional pianist, piano teacher or sell piano music and an accessory, owning a website is becoming a definite requirement.
Piano music books for beginners can be excellent tools in teaching yourself the basics of playing the piano.
Purchasing a rollup piano keyboard to learn the piano is an inexpensive way to see if you want to make a long-term commitment to becoming a talented piano player.
A Digital piano has many advantages. A lower price scale, portability and an array of electronic accessories make a digital an attractive choice. Though it is a more expensive instrument, the acoustic piano can’t be beat for its traditional authenticity and genuine sound quality.
Learning to read piano sheet music is like learning a foreign language. With time and effort the skill of deciphering musical notes and the tempo with which they are played will enable you to have a clear understanding of the music before you and enable you to form a deeper regard for the music.
Learning how to play the piano on your computer has many advantages. The convenience of progressing at your own pace and the relatively low investment is a good beginning. But you may ultimately choose to benefit from the individualized attention that only an experience piano teacher can provide.
Highly effective piano practice involves the willingness to learn new skills and to overcome procrastination, choosing a pleasant environment, sharing with other pianists and trying to practice everyday.
Great pianists are focused on their goals and is willing to practice until mastery is attained. For the best pianists, the ability to play delightful music is accompanied by and understanding of technique, improvisation and composition.
Piano care and maintenance is essentially developing a regular habit of polishing your piano cabinet and cleaning your piano keys. Regular piano tuning a few times a year is also a very good idea.
Daniela Liebman is a nine year-old piano prodigy who is enjoying world renown at the beginning of what looks like a very promising career as a piano virtuoso.
The winner of numerous international awards, jazz pianist Randy Westin is still touring at the age of 86. While influenced by many Jazz greats of an earlier era, he delights audineces with his own unique style of jazz suffused with african rythms.
Tigran Hamasyan is an original jazz pianist whose music is inspired by improvisations stimulated by the traditional folk music of his native Armenia
The Music Empowers Foundation has given a grant to Piano Outreach of New York, a provider of piano instruction by highly trained musicians to underprivileged children from schools in the New York metropolitan area.
Karine Poghosyan, world-class musician and instructor at e Manhattan School of Music, has played at Carnegie Hall’s Weill Recital Hall and dreams of a solo performance at the Issac Stern Auditorium.
New York pianist and composer Marvin Hamlisch passed way on August 6, 2012 and here are assembled some of the many tributes to the memory of this talented muscial legend.
Metronomes are very important for pianists and all musicians because they will keep a steady beat while you play which helps you to play in time.
Israeli-Born Pianist Shimrit Shoshan died at the age of 29. She had become a fixture of New York City’s Jazz scene and had recently produced a new CD.
New York pianist and composer Michel Camilo believe we are at the dawn of new age in latin jazz composition and performance.
New York pianist Irving Fields is still a star attraction at the ripe old age of 97. You can see him perform at the piano bar in New York City steakhouse Nino’s Tuscany.
New York-based pianist Vicki Chow is an accomplished performer of contemporary music and experimental musical compositions.
iPad apps for piano players opens up new set of possibilities for learning to play piano or electronic keyboard.
Award-winning classical pianist Soyeon Kate Lee is Korean by birth and is currently an adjunct assistant professor at the City University of New York,
Regina Spektor, a classically trained pianist from New York, offers a mixture of the new and the traditional in a variety of successful musical offerings.
New York concert pianist And Julliard School of Music teacher Seymour Lipkin is still going strong at 85 years of age.
Known as an innovator and talented musician, legendary jazz pianist Dave Brubeck died December 5, 2012 at the age of 91.
Many novice pianists experience a kind of burnout at some point in their practice, often when the frustration and constant repetition is taking them to the next level of proficiency.
One of the most inciteful and engaging blogs by a musician is concert pianist and new york city resident Jeremy Denk’s Think Denk blog.
One of the basic lessons in learning how to play the piano successfully involves sitting in the correct position. A proper piano posture will keep you in good stead for everything that follows.
New York Pianist Simone Dinnerstein went from Julliard School dropout to renowned concert pianist with her distinctive interpretation of the Goldberg Variations.
The Cliburn Piano Competition In New York is part of one of the biggest competitions in the world and often an exhilarating challenge for those who participate.
After making its debut on the French ocean liner Normandie in the 1930s, the iconic Ruhlmann Art Deco Piano s is now to be auctioned off by Sothebys New York City
Playground Sessions provides piano lesson software, virtual MIDI keyboard synchronization and a variety of video demonstrations for a comprehensive musical learning experience.

Master jazz organist and Buffalo New York native, Dr. Lonnie Smith recently celebrated his 70th birthday at Manhattan’s Jazz Standard.

In this invterview with NY jazz pianist George Cables he discusses the pianists who influenced him and his playing style.
Pianist Gabriela Martinez is an international performing artist who has performed in leading concert halls around the world, including Carnegie Hall and Avery Fisher Hall in New York and Davies Hall in San Francisco.
New York Street Pianist Colin Huggins
New York street pianist Colin Huggins performs at the Times Square subway station, Union Square, Washington Square Park and other outside venues across the city.
And as one of the resident piano men at Bill’s Food and Drink, Rick McDonald is carrying on the tradition of the legendary piano bar Bill’s Gay Nineties.
Pianist Henry Wong Doe
Pianist Henry Wong Doe trained at the the School of Music at Aukland University in New Zealand and did his doctoral studies at the Juilliard School, with a thesis and presentation based on the mechanical piano or pianola.
Chinese pianist Jiaxin Tian settled in New York City in 2010 and displayed her exceptional musical talents at a recent solo concert at Carnegie Hall.
Should you buy a piano before learning to play one? This is an option and there are many factors to consider before making a purchase for you or a child.
 Mr. Sigismond Stojowski, the eminent Polish pianist and composer is interviewed by Harriet Bower about the mind in piano study.
If you’re serious about the playing piano and if you’re determined to master your lessons, you will soon learn blues piano and play if well.

 Steinway Piano Launches New Advertising Campaign

Steinway Piano is promoting their brand with a series of videos featuring influential taste-makers, a revamped website and an new ad campaign.

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