Piano Care And Maintenance

By: Luis Tovar

Regarding your piano as a special addition to you home will aid you in keeping it in prime condition. In cleaning the piano cabinet, remember that most piano finishes are equal or better to those used in fine Piano Carefurniture, particularly those high-gloss finishes which need a higher level of care. Talking with your piano dealer about which products to use to clean your Piano Carepiano would be a good idea, though if you do a regular cleaning just make sure to use a clean soft cloth for the wiping. Don’t use that old cloth from the kitchen or the ones used for the general house cleaning as this could cause scratches.

All you really need to do is wipe a damp rag over a small section and then immediately wipe the area with a dry cloth. The wet section should not be left wet for more than a minute. Keep this up until the whole cabinet is cleaned.

For polishing your piano cabinet, it’s preferable to use piano polish or furniture paste wax. Should you buy a wood cleaner and polisher, be careful that it doesn’t have any alcohol as this might eventually create some unwanted blemishes on the finish of your piano. The best course of actions would be to visit your local piano store and use the cleaning products they recommend.

Be sure to pay attention to the temperature fluctuations in your environment. Extreme variations from hot to cold and vice versa can cause problems. Humidity can also be a source of concern and it can turn your instrument into an out of tune piano.

Lastly, you may have noticed that your piano keys are Cleaning Piano Keysthe most susceptible to dirt and grime. It’s suggested by most experts that cleaning piano keys with a light soap solution is the preferable method. You can clean the black and white keys in this manner, but it’s better to use different cloths for the black keys and the white keys. In this way, you will not be exchanging dust from one section of the keyboard to another.

In addition to cleaning, you want to be diligent about piano care and see to it that your instrument is fully serviced a few times each year. Piano care and maintenance generally involves an examination of your instrument’s touch, tone and pitch. Check with your local piano tuner as to what piano maintenance regimen is suited to you particular needs.

For a more detailed examination of piano care and maintenance, with a directory of local resources, be sure to check out The Piano Technicians Guild.